Selecting The Right Medical Masks Between Kn90 And Kn95

n90 And Kn95

Face masks are playing are a vital role in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Although they are plenty of them in the market, not all of them satisfy the standards required. While some people are eager to out different types of masks, others are looking forward to the recommended ones. We decided to highlight some of the significant differences and similarities with the Kn90 and the Kn95 becoming popular day by day. The following is a comparison between kn95 vs kn90.

  1. Filtering Success Rate

    As their names suggest, the Kn95 can filter up to 95 percent of the pollutant and traps from the air while Kn90 has a successful filtering rate of 90%. Their filtering success rate is quite remarkable since we cannot achieve 100% success. Both masks provide quite significant protection against infections.

  2. Quality

    A 4-ply face filter with an inner carbon of 2.5pm layer is used on both masks to increases their effectiveness in preventing impurities from reaching your face. Contaminated air may contain microscopic contaminants as well as other large particles of fur, pollen, molds, and dust. These masks are capable of filtering pollutants as tiny as 0.3 microns. They are also able to protect you from unpleasant smells.

  3. Structure

    Kn90 and Kn95 come in two strap structures: one that can go round your head, and the other hangs around your ears. In both cases, the straps are adjustable to fit your preference.

The Kn90 mask has breathing valves over your nose to make breathing easy. Even though the Kn95 lacks the breathing valves, their fabric is modified to draw air into your nostrils. For maximum protection against splashes, both masks posses three pleats. One runs below the chin, the other over the mouth, and the last one shields your nose. They are all designed to suit the shape of the part they should cover.

  1. Durability

    Both Kn90 and Kn95 comprises of an excellent fabric material that feels comfortable on your face. Both masks are strong and durable, which means that you can wash them without disfiguring them. The fabric stretches to form a tight barrier over your face without losing its contours. The Kn95 can last up to 40 hours, while Kn90 can serve 100 hours.

  2. Disinfection and Sterilization

    If you have to reuse a mask, it is advisable to disinfect and sterilize it. The Kn90 will require you to wash it with soap and water then let it dry naturally under the sun. The sun acts as a further sterilizer; therefore, it is essential to make it stay a bit longer in the sun. For the Kn95, experts recommend using hydrogen peroxide spray, heat around 750c, and for not less than 30 minutes. Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation(UVGI) can also be of help. Ensure you do not disinfect a spoiled mask; instead, dispose of it in the recommended ways.

  3. Comfort

    The fabric material used has an elegantly soft feel on your face. The masks’ inner layers are made of anti-allergy layers to protect people with sensitive skin. Besides, the Kn90 has a clip to ensure you do not pull it while inhaling. The edges are tight and elastic enough not only to provide you with maximum protection but also to ensure you do not suffocate. Both masks have modifiable straps for you to determine how tight or loose you want your cover to fit.

In conclusion, both Kn90 and Kn95 will offer you maximum protection against most of the impurities. These face masks have a filtering success rate of 90% and 95%, respectively, making them highly effective. Their fabric anti-allergy material makes both covers not only comfortable but also friendly to the skin. They will allow you to breathe freely. Kn 90 and Kn95 can be disinfected and reused if contaminated. Experts advise not to reuse spoiled mask; instead, you should dispose of it in the right manner.

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