An In-depth Understanding of kn95 vs kf95

An In-depth Understanding of kn95 vs kf95

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world by storm, and suddenly everyone is required to wear a mask whenever they go out to the public. There are a lot of uncertainties brought about by this disease, which has been quite a frustration for people worldwide. However, everyone is hoping for this to pass so that things can go back to normal again.

The kn95 and kf95 are some of the most sought-out masks currently, and learning more about them is essential to helping you make the right choice, whenever you are out shopping for a face mask. So, here are some comparisons between these two types of masks.

Filter Performance

When it comes to filtering performance, the kn95 masks are a bit better compared to the kf95 masks. The kn95 masks have 95 percent filter performance efficiency while the kf95 masks have 94 percent filter performance efficiency. Therefore, the efficiency of kn95 is much better than kf95.

  1. Test Agent

    The test agent for the kn95 is sodium chloride (NaCl), while the test agent for the kf95 is sodium chloride (NaCl) and paraffin oil. As you can see, the kf95 has a combination of two agents, while the kn95 only has one test agent.

  2. Leakage Potential

    When it comes to the leakage, you need to know that almost every mask out there has a leakage potential. Both the kn95 and kf95 have an 8 percent total inward leakage, which was tested on human subjects, with each performing exercises. The percentage is an arithmetic mean for each of the masks and was thoroughly researched and tested to ensure the results are as accurate as possible.

  3. Inhalation, Flow Rate, and Exhalation

    When it comes to inhalation, the kn95 masks have an inhalation resistance – maximum pressure drops of approximately 350 pa, while the kf95 masks have 70 pa at 30 L/min, 240 pa at 95 L/min, and 500 pa when clogging.

When we talk of the flow rate, the kn95 masks have an 85 L/min flow rate, while the kf95 masks’ flow rate tends to vary.

The exhalation valve leakage rate for the kn95 is depressurization to 0 Pa, which is approximately greater or equal to 20 seconds. However, that of the kf95 has been rendered not applicable since not much information has been provided about the masks. If you need Kn95 mask today, you can find the kn95 mask for sale here.

CO2 Clearance

When it comes to the CO2 clearance, have an approximately 1 percent of the CO2 clearance, similar to the kf95 masks which also have 1 percent CO2 clearance. This is also another thing that these two types of masks have in common

Essential Information
When choosing a face mask, here are some notable tips you need to consider:
• Price – You need to check on the price and make sure you are getting the best deal
• Reliability – When buying face masks, you also need to ensure that they are reliable
• Surgically tested – Every face mask you buy needs to have been tested and approved for human use. Therefore, this is also another crucial thing that you need to check.


Buying a face mask seems easy, but we highly recommend making sure that you only purchase the best products to avoid complications in the future. Check out the masks we’ve discussed in this post.

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