A Better Understanding of kn95 versus n95

kn95 versus n95

Face masks have become the norm due to the current pandemic that we are facing in the world. Almost everywhere you go, as long as you’re in public, you are required to wear a face mask to ensure that you are safe.

The coronavirus pandemic has, without a doubt, brought so many changes and forced people to stay at home waiting for things to get better. A lot of face masks have come up in the picture throughout this situation, and choosing the most suitable ones has become quite a daunting task.

Here, we’ll compare two types of face masks to help you understand them better.

Kn95 versus N95 Face Masks

The kn95 face masks are quite popular with people, which make them very much available in the market due to the demand from the people. Here are some of the features of the kn95 face masks.

Filter Performance Efficiency

The filter performance of the kn95 mask is approximately greater or equal to 95 percent, similar to the n95 face masks. Therefore, that shows that these masks are quite ideal since they can filter small particles better than other kinds of face masks.

Test Agent and Flow Rate
Both the test agent for the kn95 and n95 face masks is sodium chloride (NaCl). This makes these masks quite effective since they have been tested with sodium chloride to ensure they are in perfect condition and able to help you breathe better and filter out anything.

The flow rate of the kn95 and the n95 face masks is 85 L/min, which is quite less compared to other face masks like P2 and FFP2.

Inhalation and Exhalation

The kn95 face masks have approximately 350 Pa inhalation resistance and maximum pressure drop and 250 pa exhalation resistance maximum pressure drop. The n95, on the other hand, have an inhalation resistance of approximately 343 Pa and exhalation of 245 Pa.

Force Applied

The kn95 face masks have -1180 Pa force applied, which is quite high compared to the n95 face masks, which have a -245 Pa force applied and other face masks like the P2 that has -250 Pa force applied.

The CO2 Clearance

The CO2 clearance of the kn95 face mask is greater or equal to 1 percent, similar to the n95 face mask and other face masks like the FFP2 and P2.

Inward Leakage

The inward leakage information for the n95 face masks is unknown as there isn’t any information provided, while that of the kn95 face masks is an arithmetic mean of 8 percent. The inward leakage was tested on humans while they were performing exercises, and it brought the mentioned results.

Tips to Consider
Here are some of the crucial tips to consider:
• Always buy face masks that are approved by the health sector in your country or state.
• Make sure you purchase face masks from reliable sellers to avoid buying incompetent products.
• Ensure you get the best deal and value for your money.


Currently, face masks are sold everywhere, but it is essential to be careful and make sure that you only purchase the right products. Make sure to conduct thorough research before deciding on buying face masks.

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